12 hours

It’s twelve hours celebrating live and local music in weird and wonderful spaces, held in the shadow of the Spilt Milk festival. The city is set to come alive on the 29th November with music, dance, play and performance for visitors and locals alike. This is first time we’re activating Ballarat with Fringe Benefits, and filling the city with art, beats, tunes and dance. Take a wander through and discover food, art and sample the music choices.

Check out the new temporary art space in the heart of our town at Alfred Deakin Place. In this first year we’re unveiling the work of local indigenous artist Josh Muir. Then follow your own musical trail to try the music of your choice.

35+ venues

From bar and tavern, to café and bookstore. From bakery to carpark, and shopfront to mall. There are a myriad of venues to choose from, and most of them are walking distance from the centre of town. Map your journey and take in the free outdoor events before the sun goes down, then seek out your preferred venue as the night rolls on.

120+ artists

Solo acoustic performers right through to hip hop artists. Or maybe you prefer a DJ to pump out your tunes. You might like to catch a snatch of opera, or enjoy some fast-moving folk. You can even dance the night away in the dark. It’s your choice. The twelve hours are yours to enjoy, and a rare chance to hear this city in a brand new way. This is more than a festival – it’s a movement.

Jessica Paige

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Rob Baron & Matt Cartledge

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